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Gerald Jones Subaru Sponsors Augusta Canal Field Trip for Lamar Milledge 4th Grade

Gerald Jones Subaru is excited to partner with the Augusta Canal National Heritage Area this year. In 1996, the Augusta Canal received the National Heritage Area (NHA) designation. The Augusta Canal NHA is a non-profit organization that works hard to preserve the natural structures of the Canal and provides the public an opportunity to learn and participate in their work.
On March 16, 2018 Gerald Jones Subaru sponsored a field trip for the Lamar Milledge Elementary 4th grade to the Augusta Canal at Enterprise Mill. Their day started off by going on a scavenger hunt in the Discovery Center. The children learned all about the history of how the Augusta Canal served as a power source to Augusta’s Industrial factories and textile mills throughout the 19th and 20th Centuries. The Augusta Canal is the only industrial power canal in the nation still in use for its original purpose. The children made their way outside, up a ramp, to a dock where they boarded a replica canal cargo boat, or Petersburg boat, and headed down the Augusta Canal. They were treated to sightings of yellow belly sliding turtles sunbathing, Blue and White Herrings, as well as learning all about the 19th century textile mills and Confederate Powder Works. Their excitement was undeniable as they docked and headed into a classroom to learn about the science behind the operation of the Augusta Canal. Using pulley systems and water from the canal, they were delighted to see how electricity is created. As the Lamar Milledge 4th grade headed back to their bus, Gerald Jones Subaru gifted each child with a Subaru backpack filled with a jump rope, Frisbee, notepad, pens and a few other mementos for them to enjoy. Being able to gift this opportunity to the children at Lamar Milledge Elementary, one which they might not otherwise have, is a feeling we at Gerald Jones Subaru will never forget. Through our partnership with the Augusta Canal NHA, we are going to be able to give back to the community in so many wonderful ways.

Lamar Milledge Field Trip Video

Subaru Loves Pets

Gerald Jones Subaru had a howling good time providing a space for the Dog Networking Agents of Augusta to hold a very successful “Meet and Greet” dog adoption event! All of the dogs that are rescued by the Dog Networking Agents are placed with foster parents and are analyzed for their specific needs. Families or Individuals who want to adopt are required to fill out an application and schedule a home inspection to make sure they are able to care for their new pet properly. So many shelters are becoming overloaded with animals from owners who find they are unable to provide a proper home for their pets, and the Dog Networking Agents are working to eliminate their rescues from being displaced again after they become adopted. Gerald Jones Subaru had a tremendous turnout for the “Meet and Greet” event, and every pup that was on site received at least one adoption application. The Fantastic Four pups, who were rescued from the side of a road, stole everyone’s hearts and each one has found a “Fur”ever home of their own! Reid, a calm and loyal companion, is happy to have found someone to love him the rest of his days. Izzy, a spunky bully mix and her puppy, Milkyway, were adopted as well! Supporting the Dog Networking Agents is an honor and Gerald Jones Subaru is looking forward to hosting more “Meet and Greet” events soon!


Honda Service Week

On Saturday, June 10, in participation of Honda Service Week, a few of our gracious staff members donated their time and volunteered under the 15th street bridge with the Bridge Ministry of the CSRA. The Bridge Ministry of the CSRA is a non profit organization that was founded by Pastor Roger Gardner and his wife Kimmi in 2007. They started the ministry by coming to the 15th street bridge and praying with the people that would typically be there to find drugs, a place to sleep, or shelter from the heat of the day. Over the years, the Bridge Ministry has grown into a powerhouse of hope and a place for people in need to go for a hot meal, clothing, and a listening ear. Today, over 250 meals are prepared and served and hundreds of clothing items, hygiene packs, and food bags are distributed to the inner city poor and homeless every Saturday. The Bridge Ministry places over 200 chairs facing a stage area where Pastor Roger delivers a message of hope and understanding. A children’s ministry is set up as well, giving children a place to worship in a fun and safe environment. Without the help of countless volunteers and the physical and financial support from over 15 local churches and businesses, the Bridge Ministry of the CSRA could not be what it is today. We at Gerald Jones Honda are blessed to have been a part of this amazing ministry and look forward to volunteering our time again.

Habitat For Learning

The children here in Augusta, GA are getting ready to dive into summer break and are ready to trade books for swimsuits. Before the bells rang, Gerald Jones Subaru was able to reach out to Baker Place Elementary and implant the importance of preserving the earth. As part of the Subaru Loves the Earth initiative, we installed a Certified Wildlife Habitat with Principal Fleischauer and a few of Baker Place Elementary’s 5th grade students. We planted several butterfly bushes, placed a toad house, set up a bird bath, birdfeeders, and birdhouses. The students will water the plants the rest of the school year and one of the teachers has volunteered to care for the habitat over the summer months. When the students return in August, the habitat will be growing in and abundantly providing food and shelter for the wildlife in the area. Classrooms will have the chance to take their science studies outside and learn hands on how a natural habitat is maintained. Gerald Jones Subaru is excited to provide such a wonderful learning tool for our community’s youth!

The Art of the Oyster Driven by Gerald Jones Subaru

The redesigned Subaru Impreza made its debut in style on Saturday, March 25 at the Art of the Oyster. Boasting an all new global platform engineered to deliver increased levels of handling response, active and passive safety, all while greatly improving ride comfort, and providing greater passenger and cargo room, the Subaru Impreza is truly a rare pearl. At The Art of the Oyster, all you can eat low country boil and steamed delectable oysters were enjoyed by 500 of Columbia County residents all while listening to Banana Pancakes, a Jack Johnson cover band, perform throughout the evening. Thirty of the Columbia County Artist’s Guild’s artists set up and displayed their talents and even hosted a “paint your own oyster” for anyone feeling crafty. Gerald Jones Subaru put on display three Subaru Imprezas with trunks full of treasure. “Chests” were filled with prizes such as Ray Ban sunglasses, Marmot backpacks, Kleen Kanteens, Starbucks gift cards, and Harmon Kardon headphones. For anyone who visited the Subaru tent and filled out a raffle ticket, they had the opportunity to win one of six treasure chests! Windsor Jewelers celebrated the Impreza launch with a “driving for pearls” game. Three floating tees were placed in the pond for all golfers and enthusiasts to try their luck chipping a golf ball to sink a hole in one.  Although no one was able to make a hole in one, three contestants hit the tee greens and each were awarded a pearl necklace, bracelet and earring set exclusively from Windsor Jewelers. Children were able to enjoy the event from a “grotto” in the playground area at the park. They were fed hot dogs, chips and a drink while hanging out with Disney Princesses. For $5 parents could check their children into a safe and secure area and enjoy their evening without worry. The Art of the Oyster was definitely a fun and entertaining way to launch the Subaru Impreza!