October 2022

“Ness Thomas, our rescuer that day…left dinner on her table to return to the Ford Dealership. I told her I knew the parts I required and she said she had the parts in stock and was bringing them to me.”

Our Gerald Jones Ford team received a customer letter detailing the events of a vacation gone south. After hearing a loud bang, the customer “limped” their truck to the nearest exit off I-20 and called our Ford store. The gentleman knew the parts he needed and, though the Parts Department was closed for the evening, Ness Thomas began making calls to ensure the family could get home safely. She left her home to return to the store, gathered the parts, and delivered the items to the customer. She also reached a mechanic over the phone to confirm one of the parts installation. “She went out of her way to assist us in our time of need and we want to commend her for the amazing customer service she provided. We cannot thank you enough for rescuing us…she is THE BEST!!”