Honda Service Week

On Saturday, June 10, in participation of Honda Service Week, a few of our gracious staff members donated their time and volunteered under the 15th street bridge with the Bridge Ministry of the CSRA. The Bridge Ministry of the CSRA is a non profit organization that was founded by Pastor Roger Gardner and his wife Kimmi in 2007. They started the ministry by coming to the 15th street bridge and praying with the people that would typically be there to find drugs, a place to sleep, or shelter from the heat of the day. Over the years, the Bridge Ministry has grown into a powerhouse of hope and a place for people in need to go for a hot meal, clothing, and a listening ear. Today, over 250 meals are prepared and served and hundreds of clothing items, hygiene packs, and food bags are distributed to the inner city poor and homeless every Saturday. The Bridge Ministry places over 200 chairs facing a stage area where Pastor Roger delivers a message of hope and understanding. A children’s ministry is set up as well, giving children a place to worship in a fun and safe environment. Without the help of countless volunteers and the physical and financial support from over 15 local churches and businesses, the Bridge Ministry of the CSRA could not be what it is today. We at Gerald Jones Honda are blessed to have been a part of this amazing ministry and look forward to volunteering our time again.